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The Integrated Pest Management Solution 

The best way to solve pest problems is to correct the conditions that contribute to them.
The Terminix Commercial Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program focuses on eliminating pests, their harborage areas and their entry points to your facility. This provides maximum effectiveness with minimal treatment. IPM is a low non-chemical alternative for controlling pests. But it requires a partnership because, to a large extent, success depends on the level of cooperation the customer’s staff provides. Your Terminix Commercial service professional will work with you to continually evaluate and fine-tune your IPM program. In addition, Terminix may perform training sessions for your staff and offer materials to help further educate your staff.
Assessing your situation through inspections by trained personnel is a key part of a successful IPM program. Because each building and its conditions are unique, an initial IPM survey will be performed to determine specific pest control needs. The purpose of this survey is.

1. To identify which pests are present and active.
2. Identify contributing conditions.
3. Determine which pest control strategies are needed.
4. Determine the high- risk areas for pest activity.
5. Determine where pesticide applications will be necessary.

Preventing future infestations. Un-baited “sticky” monitoring traps are strategically placed to determine which pests are present. The traps, which capture pests as they crawl over them, help determine the extent of pest activity, where pest harborage might be located and where pests may be entering your facility.
In larger facilities, a pest- sighting log will be established within a facility. This log is an important tool in our partnership as it allows your employees to have a central office to contact for reporting activity. In some cases, multiple sight logs may be established, such as at individual nurse’s stations in hospitals. We will use these logs to target areas that need immediate attention.

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